Primary student training After taking an introductory flight you become a primary student as you log dual instruction hours toward your Sport Pilot license. The introductory lesson is more expensive as there is additional time required to register a new student and provide FAA required familiarization briefing on safety and aircraft operation. $180.00 per hour. Primary Student rate includes the aircraft, fuel and instructor. $90 per hour. 
* If Student supplies the aircraft and fuel (aircraft subject to approval)* The FAA requires a minimum of 20 hours total flight time before you can take your final practical flight exam. This must include: 15 hours of training with an instructor. Due to insurance limitations we are not able to rent our aircraft out to students to fly solo. Students should plan to purchase an aircraft (or borrow one from a friend) to fly your 5 hour / solo cross country requirement. We will gladly assist you in either locating a safe used aircraft or in the purchase of a new aircraft should you choose.