Discover the pure joy of flight over the beautiful Alabama coastline along Gulf Shores and the Ft. Morgan peninsula.  Unlike a conventional airplane, there is no cockpit structure getting in the way of the breathtaking landscape around you  Unlike a sightseeing tour, YOU FLY the TRIKE with an FAA-certified instructor.


These unique aircraft are a joy to fly.  Soon you will feel confident as you maneuver the trike with ease for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!


A camera mounted on the wing will record the flight with memorable images and video for you to keep and share with others


  • Q. Is this an aerial tour?

    A.   No. This is a hands-on introductory flight lesson with an FAA-Certified Flight instructor. Our training area happens to be over the beautiful Gulf Shores beaches. Our main goal is teaching you about the easiness and fun of this sport. Within 10 minutes you should be quite comfortable in flying the aircraft straight and level and doing gentle turns. We want you to come away from your flight with an experience of a lifetime and the feeling of “I can do this.”

  • Q. What should I wear?

    A.   Shorts and a T-shirt are fine when it is hot (over 80 degrees).  Below 80 degrees you should wear long pants and bring a long sleve shirt.  You will be provided a flight suit, gloves (if weather requires) and protective helmet. Closed-toe shoes and socks are recommended for warmth. Please no flip flops. Customers who book the early lesson may want to bring a sweatshirt (without hood).

  • Q. If our flight is canceled due to bad weather

        do I lose my money?

    A.   Absolutely not. We only charge your credit card after your lesson. Pilots make the determination on weather conditions as they are the experts on its affect on flying. Cancellations made by you, with less than 24 hours notice are subject to full charge. Also, be aware that if we experience a short weather delay anytime during our daily schedule, it can delay your lesson time.

  • Q. Can this Introductory Lesson be counted as

        official flight training time in my log book?

    A.   Yes! You will receive a signed Flight Certificate after your lesson to allow you to credit your total flight time toward a pilots certificate if you decide to continue your flight training.  If you are already a licensed pilot, your flight time can be entered into your pilot's log book.  We have pilot log books available for purchase.

  • Q. Do you offer advanced training?

    A. Yes, we offer training all the way through solo Sport Pilot.  Or if you prefer we can train you to fly Ultralight category aircraft.  Primary pilot training is available in our aircraft or yours (providing it meets safety standards).  Call for package and off-season rates.

  • Q. Can I solo in your aircraft?

    A. No.  Our insurance will not cover student solo flight.  We can assist you in selecting a safe and reliable aircraft for you to purchase for your solo flight however.

  • Q: Can I fly after scuba diving?

    A:  It is best to wait 12 to 24 hours before you go up for a flight depending on depth and duration of your dive.


  • Q. Are there age limits?

    A.   Children must be at least 4'6" tall and 9 years old. We have no upper limits on height or age.

  • Q. Are there weight limits?

    A. Yes.  242 lbs. as specified by the aircraft manufacturer.

  • Q. Will I be able to communicate with my instructor?

    A.   Yes, you'll be equipped with a noise-cancelling headset to wear during the flight. The instructors also have two-way aviation radios to communicate between the aircraft, other aircraft and airport tower personnel.

  • Q. How safe is it?

    A.   We fly the latest state-of-the-art aircraft capable of a 13/1 glide ratio.  We always fly with sufficient altitude to safely glide to an emergency landing area at all times.  Each student wears a flotation device.  You will fly with an experienced FAA-certified flight instructor.

  • Q. How do I make reservations?

    A.  Please call 251-597-5999 to set up a time for your lesson. Our reservations line is available from (8:00 am Central Time) to 7:00 pm Central Time Zone. Reservations are required

  • Q. Where do we meet for my lesson?

    A.  Jack Edwards National Airport is located just off highway 59 in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

  • Q. Can I bring a camera or water bottle?

    A.   No. Loose articles in a high-speed open aircraft can be a safety hazard with a spinning propeller behind us. We have found that trying to be a photographer while taking your introductory lesson takes away from the experience. We offer photo packages to document your lesson.

Discovery 20 - $150 This is the perfect short-but-sweet 20-minute hands-on trike flight experience. Your FAA-certified flight instructor will secure you into the cockpit with shoulder and waist safety restraints. You will be fitted with an intercom flight headset for clear communication and protective helmet with windscreen. Within a few minutes you will experience a rush of excitement as the aircraft quickly leaves the runway. Gracefully climbing skyward you will fly a short 2-mile hop to the beautiful beaches along Gulf Shores. You will be immersed in an expansive landscape as you depart the airport traffic pattern. Approaching the coastline you will get the opportunity to take the wing in your hands and fly the aircraft under the expert guidance of your flight instructor. Discovery 40 - $225 During the Discovery 40-minute flight you get the same great hands-on instructional experience of a Discovery 40-minute flight, with more time to fly the aircraft and explore the Ft. Morgan peninsula... more time to gain confidence flying the aircraft... more time to ask questions... more time to look for rays, dolphins and sharks along the coastline... and more time to saver the experience. Discovery 60 - $295 The Discovery 60-minute flight is a premium experience. Same great hands-on flight instruction, same great scenery only you will be able to explore Alabama's Gulf Coast including Orange Beach and Gulf Shores out to the end of the Fort Morgan Peninsula. You will have more time to learn how to maneuver the aircraft with confidence, or if you prefer our instructor can do all the flying while you have more time to enjoy the stunning coastal scenery. Photo/Video Card - $50 High resolution photos & videos on an SD memory card for you to relive and share your BeachFlight experience on an SD memory card. Call 251-597-5999 for Reservations Note: All flights are weather-permitting.
Discovery Flight