Unlike a helicopter, gyroplane's rotor blades are not connected to the engine and auto-rotate by way of being loaded and traveling through air. Thus gyroplane simply does not need the engine to be in control and fly. Engine simply keeps it going forward without losing altitude. In the event of an engine out, gyroplane will simply start to lose altitude and can land with almost zero roll, meaning it can touch down gently and stop.


The stability of the gyroplane is unrivaled thanks to its gyroscopic stability. It cuts through the air smoothly without letting you feel many bumps and controls are smooth and light. This allows you to fly the gyroplane in conditions when even many heavier airplanes are uncomfortable to fly.


Gyroplane cannot stall, cannot spin, requires much less hanger space than any other aircraft with wings, can transport relatively easily in a trailer, can fly very slow, can handle very strong winds and mid day turbulence with comfort and ease, takes small space to takeoff and can land in almost in its own length and can take you where you want to go at over 100 mph as well.


American Ranger 1 (AR1) is a modern US made gyroplane with tandem seating, convertible option, coming soon (fully enclosed or windshields). It combines design, style balanced with ever important safety and performance. It takes you anywhere you want to go in style and complete comfort, cutting through turbulence and high wind better than most reaching speeds as high as 120 mph and it can fly as slow as 25 mph. You can sight see around your environment slowly in complete control and comfort as gyroplane does not stall like an airplane.


AR1 has the unique option in its class and price range to have the ability to fly semi-open cockpit with windshields or with a fully enclosed canopy with cabin heat in winter months. This gives the user the best of both worlds in one gyroplane. The enclosed canopy can also be ordered and installed by the user at any point


The rotor system is the venerable Stella rotor system by Averso. The carriage is built on a high-strength welded stainless steel frame, with a fiberglass composite streamline fairing, with an effective tail for excellent stability and control.


Both seats are comfortable, spacious and allow good views for the pilot and the passenger or instructor. The instrument panel is well arranged with conventional gauges and space for Garmin 696 or 796 GPS, iFly GPS 740 or an iPad Mini etc. in the instrument panel. There is a back seat glove box which can be converted into back seat instrument panel for an instructor


Controls are easily accessible. The main landing gear is an aluminium leaf spring but covered by lift producing composite fairings, hydraulic disc brakes on both main wheels, with wheel pants.


Composite 3 blade propeller, a parking brake hyraulic lever under pilot seat, an electrical speed trim and mechanical pre-rotator to start the blades rotating before takeoff and rotor brake system completes cockpit driven systems.


Available powered by field proven and supported worldwide Rotax aircraft 4-stroke power plants. Choice of either Rotax 912ULS 100 HP engine or the turbo charged Rotax 914UL 115HP engine for better performance and operation at higher altitudes, the kit can be supplied with or without the engine. 17 US gallon Aluminum welded fuel tank ensures compatibility with any type of fuel.


Builder's assist facility at Zephyrhills Municipal airport insures that your gyroplane is assembled properly with knowledgeable mechanics and electric technicians and can help in getting airworthiness certification for the owner/builder.


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